Why is tea sold by bidding And what are its benefits

Introduction: Tea auctions have a long history. There is a history of tea auctions in ancient, medieval, and digital times. Which is going to be the tea auction till now. Today I will discuss here why only tea is bid and what are the benefits of bidding. Next time I will give you a gift written about the history of the tea auctions.

Why is tea sold by bidding?

The first practice of bidding and selling tea was introduced by the British East India Company in the United Kingdom 17 decades ago. In the 17’s that company was a very big and very powerful company. They introduced this practice to sell all the tea produced for the tea growers. This is a very beautiful method of tea disposal, the next time gradually selling tea in this auction method became the choice of everyone. Tea auctions have been conducted since the 17th century. Many changes have taken place since the 18th decade of tea auctions – apart from the effects of climate, travel, time, and money, the tea auction activities are still going on in the midst of various complications. I wrote a little about the history of why tea is sold through auctions. Now I will tell you what you need to have to auction tea and what is the profit from selling through tea auction.

The first practice of bidding and selling policy: Photo- Global Tea Auction

Tea auction has changed from culture to business

In the 17th century, when the British East India Company sold their tea at auction, that planning culture was limited to history. Tea has been sold through auctions ever since tea bidders and tea brokers preferred and profited from the sale.

How to auction tea

There are many types of tea auction methods that can be traced back to ancient history. So I am writing in short, there are tea brokers in the country concerned to auction the tea. Those registered institutions of the country are concerned. Tea brokers have the right to make offers on behalf of tea growers. They sell tea to vendors at the tea auction center. Tea brokers handle a variety of auction activities. These include Collection of Tea Samples, Preparation of Tea Catalogs by Sample, Determining and Changing Reserve Prices among Bidders, Sales-and-After-Sales Reporting, Collection of Trucks and Submission of All Trucks from Suppliers.

Tea Sample Collection: Tea brokers collect samples from tea growers along with invoices of their produced tea. They then test the quality of the tea with a tea tester.

Tea catalogs: Tea brokers make a variety of tea catalogs. They make tea sales catalogs according to the quality of the tea produced by the farmers, which is sent to them for the convenience of the bidders.

Reserve pricing: Tea brokers list their reserve prices in the catalog for bidders. Basically, the reserve price is determined according to the tea report of the tea tester. The tea auction is done with the bidders on the day of the auction in line with this reserve price.

Collecting Tax: Another key function of tea brokers is to combine VAT and Tax from the price of tea sold from bidders. Then they give those trucks to the country concerned. Some of the warehouses are involved and the revenue boards, tea boards, warehouses, brokers of the respective countries work together for the Tax.

Tea Electric Auction Method:

Pre-auction of tea is a method described above. Through pre-auction, tea brokers work before, during, and after the auction. They are registered with the Tea Board, the bidders are also registered with the Tea Board. They collect tea quality information and samples for each bidder before auctioning their tea. In addition, the tea offer catalog determines the reserve price of tea. Then the auction activities are conducted in the specified room on the specified day. The winning bidder in the auction is eligible to buy tea.

Benefits of Tea Auction and Why Tea is Bid:

There is nothing wrong with bidding for tea, the main thing is how to improve the business and the tea industry. The tea industry has a long history of bidding. I will publish it in the next blog. Tea bidders are coming up with the benefits of bidding on tea auction issues. On the one hand, they get the right price for the tea, on the other hand, they can create a branding value for the tea they produce. At present, tea auction activities are being conducted in the traditional way. But one day this method will not exist. Because the current system of tea auction is as difficult and low bidders as possible, if the tea auction is conducted digitally, then the tea market will be further developed just as international bidders can be brought together.

Online Teas Auction Platform Enjoy Auctioneer and Bidders- Photo: Global Tea Auction

Advantages of online tea auction:

There are many benefits to online job auctions. In which the tea broker will get such benefits, just like the trust will come back among the tea bidders. To use tea beads according to their needs from any other country during the bulk and office form. There are many powerful options for brokers. The demand for international shade will increase.

Shaidur Rahman

Global Tea Auction

Basically, the online tea auction is working
Get the best price for certain teas
And expand the tea market worldwide
BY- Shaidur Rahman

The Global Auction Platform is just a driver’s move, where all the tea supporters from all over the world are able to run all types of tea catalogs, including rice, from Global Tea Auctions through their country’s brokers. With this, the internationals will be able to win if they win by constantly bidding according to the demands of the bidders of their choice. The big challenge here is to give a chance to the tea brokers and tea bidders.

global Platform worldwide- Photo: Global Tea Auction

I wish the global tea auction would rule the state one day. We want to move forward through all the Tea boards, tea brokers, tea bidders. We will work with the slogan “Tea Business In Global“.

More Global Auction Rules will be able to portal as a broker and tea bidder.

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