Updated 11 April 2022


The Global Tea Auction owns and operates this website, www.globalteaauction.com (hereinafter the “website”).

These terms apply to all users of the website, regardless of the access to the website, and cover all devices or technologies used by The Rebnal Global & Indigo Brokers Company to make the website available.

These terms, including all other documents or policies referred to in these conditions (collectively, the “Terms”) are the conditions of your (hereinafter “you / your / yours”) in this website and all products and services.

You should read these terms carefully before using the website and before ordering or registering with the Global Tea Auction. Access to the website, browsing it, and/or using means that you agree to be bound by these conditions in their entirety, regardless of whether you open an account through the website, are registered on the website, or whether are logged into your account or not. Although this is not a requirement we recommend that you print and keep a copy of these terms for future reference, if applicable. You can also check these terms via the website.

Do not use, access, or take orders from the website if you do not agree to these terms.

Some products made available on the website and that you could auction order, are subject to additional conditions. You will be notified of these additional conditions when you access the sections of the website dedicated to these products. Please note that if you order goods that are subject to additional terms you will be deemed to have accepted them.

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding this website or these terms, please contact us.


Global Tea Auction is a trading name of Rebnal Global Limited & Indigo Brokers Limited, located 2 Frederick Street, Post Code: WC1X 0ND, Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom.

  1. Use of the website


1.1. By using this website you confirm that all the information that you provide when you place an order and/or when you open an account with Global Tea Auction is true and accurate and that you will update such information.


1.2. You agree that when using the website and you go ordering products, you must:


use this website only for lawful purposes;

  • do not use the website in a way that might encourage, or through use of which could lead to the commission of criminal activities;
  • do not access or attempt to access the accounts of other users;
  • do not use this website in any manner that infringes the rights of others or which restricts or impedes the use of this website by any other person;
  • comply with the provisions of Article 11 hereof (Intellectual Property Rights);
  • you refrain from knowingly or negligently introducing viruses, trojans, worms, or other harmful materials on the website or our servers, and
  • refrain from committing or attempting to commit any intrusion into the security measures of the website, and to attack the servers of the website by a cyber attack by a denial of service or a massive cyber attack by a denial of service.


1.3. Global Tea Auction reserves the right to remove any material or message that you have posted on the website and as well as suspend, restrict or terminate your access to the website, at our sole discretion and at any time, without prior notice, if sufficient reason to believe that a breach of these terms has occurred.


1.4. Global Tea Auction reserves the right to take appropriate action against you to defend its rights or those of any other person.

Your personal information and our privacy policy


1.5. When using the website you place an order with Global Tea Auction, your personal information may be processed and stored by Rebnal Global Limited & Indigo Brokers Limited. 


1.6. For more information on the manner in which Global Tea Auction uses your personal information and our policies and procedures regarding safety, read our Privacy Policy. Please note that when you agree to these terms, you are also supposed to have read and accepted our Privacy Policy in its entirety.

2. Conditions of sale and purchase


Description of products and services


2.1. Global Tea Auction has taken reasonable precautions to ensure that prices shown on the website are correct and that all products have been described correctly. However, when ordering products on the website, please note that:

  • You are a winner of online auction auctioned tea leaves. Which you own after the payment is made.


  • Here you are going to pay only 1 kg of tea leaves. No VAT trucks were connected. You will receive a mail-in full after you place the order. If you do not receive the mail, you will need to notify the relevant brokers, including the full tea lot, the VAT & TAX of the tea law of the won country.


  • You may not match the light with the auctioned tea leaf sample. You can express your sympathy for this. Or you can take our support if the auctioned tea leaf samples do not match perfectly.


  • Of course, this product is not our own product, we are just an online tea leaf auction house.

3. Your order


Open an account and place an order


3.1. When you place an order with us, you cannot place your order or open an account with us using “no guest checkout”.


3.2. If you open an account, you must provide some of the personal information we need. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information on how your personal information will be used.


3.3. When you sign up for an account, we may provide you with a password, and/or we may ask you to use a password or other means to allow you to access certain sections of the website and/or to ensure the security of your account. Such as the My Accounts section of the website (“My Account”). You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and your account information


3.4. When you order products from us through the website with your auction purchase validation, you must provide us with some of the personal information we need so that we can process your order. Please read our privacy policy regarding the processing and storage of your personal information.


3.5. If you have problems processing your order, please contact us at help@ globalteaauction.com.

Acceptance of your order


3.6. Please note that all orders you place constitute an offer to purchase and are subject to our acceptance.


3.7. We may, at our sole discretion, decline your order for any reason, without liability to you. Please find below non-exhaustive examples of cases in which we may refuse your order:

  • products listed on the website but are not available, are presented at an incorrect price, or are not properly described;
  • Global Tea Auction is unable to obtain authorization for your payment or
  • information relating to the delivery address that has been entered is incorrect/inaccurate.
  • Shipping restrictions apply to specific products.

3.8. Before submitting your order, you can review the list of all products to verify the total value of your order and view the items in your shopping cart. You can then correct any errors before submitting the order and point out any discounts applicable to the product.

3.9. You will be asked to provide information about the delivery before confirming your order. Once you have confirmed your order, you will be asked to enter information about your payment method. This process is explained in more detail in paragraph 4.

3.10. Please note that completing the online purchase process does not constitute acceptance of your order by us. Our acceptance of your order will occur only when we receive your payment shortly before delivery or before the service you have ordered begins.

3.11. When you provide your e-mail address after entering your payment information, you will receive an email notification confirming that Global Tea Auction has received your order (“Confirmation Email”). Please note that this email confirmation does not constitute our acceptance of your order. This confirmation email will include an order number, details of the product you ordered from Global Auctions, and information. Which we will send to the specified brokers

3.12. All products that you order on the website will remain the property of the English company until they are delivered to the specified address.

3.13. All risks (including product loss and/or risk of loss) associated with the products you order will be transferred to the delivery address specified in your order at the time of delivery, or in the specified safe place you indicated. If you specify delivery to another address, all product risk will be transferred as soon as the product is delivered to a safe place. Whose entire liability is of the brokers? By no means do we want to convey that we recommend for the mother to be inactive. However, if a broker has trouble with shipping, we need to e-mail [email protected]

3.14. If Global Tea Auction is not able to supply you with your auctioned tea, we will not process your order. We will notify you in writing (including electronic mail) and, if you have already paid for the products, we will refund you in full as soon as possible, with the understanding that the payment will be made at the latest within 30 days. Date of cancellation of your order.

4. Payment

4.1. If the auction is won during the tea leaf ordering process, you will be asked to enter and complete information about your payment method. All mandatory fields will be identified and must be completed. If this information is not entered you will not be able to accept your order.

4.2. Please note that using a secure payment system collects your payment information, saves and encrypts Global Tea Auctions. Information will only be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


4.3. Make sure all payments are made on your own credit card/debit card.

4.4 We do not accept payments by cash, check, or phone.


  1. 5. Global Tea Auction reserves the right to charge you for any loss, without exception, of any damage caused by any product (or any other unwanted interaction) that may result from your activities. . . Or inactivity as part of taking appropriate action on the product.

5. Price

5.1. The company will do its best to ensure that all pricing information listed on the Global Tea Auction website is accurate and up to date. However, errors can occur from time to time. In the event of an error, and if a product is not displayed at the correct price, Global Tea Auctions reserves the right not to accept your order as described in paragraph 3.4 above. Global Tea Auction has no obligation to supply or supply any goods of incorrect price unless you have paid and the payment is processed.

5.2. All prices are quoted sterling. Currently, Global Tea Auction is required to pay VAT on any of the registered and quoted prices. This order does not include any additional delivery costs. But you will be contacted by the brokers and you will be notified within three working days with lots of tea leaves, price and VAT and tax, shipping charges.

5.3. The total cost of delivery will not be shown on the payment screen and in your confirmation e-mail…

5.4. Occasionally, certain products listed on the Website will be promoted and/or discounted. Promotions and discounts are subject to additional conditions. To avoid confusion and to understand our promotions and/or our discounts, we suggest you read the additional requirements on the product page.

5.5. The Global Tea Auction reserves the right to change the price of any product listed on the Website at any time and without prior notice to you. You will not be charged in advance and similarly, no price change will apply to products you have already ordered and for which Global Tea Auction has paid.

  1. Delivery

7.1. Please note that these terms do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. For more information about your legal rights, please contact your local authority responsible for Exchange Trading Standards or equivalent consumer advice.

7.2 You will pledge us after you auction the tea leaves. We will send the information about the lot you ordered to all the information brokers.

7.3. Orders will be sent online by the broker to your shipping address in your order form. If this delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, Global Tea Auction cannot be held responsible.

7.4. You may have the ability to select multiple addresses for delivery with different addresses from your billing address. Please note that Global Tea Auction will not make any deliveries in a PO Box and there is a limitation on the delivery points served by Global Tea Auctions for products ordered from our website.

7.5. Due to certain restrictions, legal, regulatory or orderly practice, some products may not be available for delivery to certain destinations. Global Auctions reserves the right to define what can and cannot be delivered to a destination. Tea boards, associations, importers and exporters, brokers are able to vary the price and delivery time depending on the weight of the product ordered, the delivery service, and the address of your delivery.


7.6. These terms will not apply regardless of the delivery method you choose for your product, as determined by the Tea Law and the broker.

7.7. If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding the distribution of these products or these terms, please contact us.



7.8. The supply of your product may be delayed or interrupted due to out-of-control global tee auctions – for example, in the case of suppliers, delays in imports or higher demand than expected. In this case, we will make every effort to keep you informed of the situation through the relevant tea broker, but if payment has not yet been made, you will not be liable in any way for the delay or absence.

Free transportation

7.9. In some cases, the broker will pay for the shipping of your product. This offer is only available at certain times and in certain procedures.

7.10. You will be notified of the validity of this offer on the home page of the website or when you bid.

  1. Cancellation and return

8.1. If you are a European consumer, you have the right to terminate your contract with us under EU Consumer Protection Directive 97/7 / EC on the Distance Sale Agreement (“Instruction”) implemented in your country. You can cancel if the product is damaged or the order is filled incorrectly.

8.1.1. Your Cancellation Right: You can cancel your order anytime within 2 business days of the date you received the products …

8.2. During the mentioned cancellation period, you are obliged to take care of the product and continue to provide care.

8.3. Any request to cancel an order made under the instruction must be sent to us by email. In addition, since the date of notification of cancellation of your order is considered as the date you send us your notification, we ask you to keep a copy.

6.4. If you wish to cancel an order of a product (or if you plan to cancel), it should be noted that the EU Consumer Rights to cancel, under the directive, does not apply to certain products and services (for example, custom orders, custom goods, Item).

8.5. Please note that if you accept products prior to cancellation, you must return the products to the specified address to the respective broker at your own expense. Our standard shipping charges will be paid for shipping the goods to you and there is no supplementary charge like gift wrapping.


4.3. You should check all the products you receive in light of the receipts you receive when delivering the products to you to make sure you have received all the products you ordered. If the products you received are damaged or do not match your order, please indicate a loss or incorrect delivery in the receipt. You must notify us in time (via mail, phone, or email only) of any loss or error.

4.3. You must return all canceled products as soon as possible after we notify the relevant broker: (i) the products have been damaged, (ii) the products have not been delivered as ordered, or (iii) you have canceled your order under the instructions.

4.3. If you decide to return a product at Global Tea Auction, we are not responsible for any loss or damage in transit, and for this reason, we recommend that you use a recorded delivery service. If the returned goods are lost or damaged in transit, we reserve the right to charge such loss or damage-related amounts and recover these amounts from you.

7.9. This return must be made by your local post office. Regarding returns made by post, we recommend that you receive proof of mailing. In fact, if we do not receive your product, we may ask you to provide proof that you actually sent it to us.

8.10. Please note that if you do not alert us within a reasonable time, we will not refund any damaged product or part of the delivery that is inconsistent with the command. In case of damaged product or delivered product does not comply with the order, we will offer you options.

8.11. Do not use any product you want to cancel and return and the products must be returned in their original packaging.


6.13. The paragraphs of this Article 8 are not considered as a complete statement of all your rights under the instructions. For more information about your legal rights, contact your local authority in charge of your standard commercial or consumer counseling center.

9.1. In case of cancellation or return of a product under the instruction, Global Tea will return the auction. All refunds will be processed in accordance with your legal rights and Global Tea Auction will refund you within 7 days from the date of cancellation of your order.

9.2. If you refund only part of your order, we will only refund the cost of the product, but not your shipping cost.

9.3. Any refunds from Global Tea Auctions will be refunded according to the specific payment method at the time of your ordering and we reserve the right to withhold any amount in case of damaged products after the return of the goods.

  1. Website Terms

Content accuracy

10.1. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Global Tea Auction disclaims all representations and warranties, disclosure or implied, that the content or information contained on this website does not infringe the rights, integrity, current, and/or third-party rights.

Damage to your computer or another device

10.2. Global Tea Auction makes every effort to ensure that this website does not contain any viruses or other harmful or malicious content. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of the Website (including the content of this or any other website accessible from it) will not cause any harm to your computer or another device. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the right tools (including antivirus software) to use this website safely and to detect any issues that could harm your computer or another device. Except as required by applicable law, any loss or damage (s) published by this website due to the Global Tea Auction Virus or harmful or harmful content may not be liable to any person for this person.

Links to other websites

10.3. Global Tea Auction has established links to this website with other websites that you want to see We have no control over the content of these websites and, well, we do not pass reviews. You agree that when accessing a Website through a link from the Website, our liability in respect of any advertisement or product available through these sites will be expended for the content of such Website. Also, Global Tea Auction is not responsible for any loss, damage or loss resulting from or in connection with your use of these websites, except as required by applicable law.

  1. Intellectual property rights

11.1. You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, rights in databases, copyright, rights in the trademarks, and other intellectual property rights) related to all media or content (including but not limited to, logos, graphics, photographs). , animations, video, text, data compilations, clips and/or audiovisual, music, software, and any combination thereof) that are provided or made available on this Website belong to Global Tea Auction or Group Rebnal Global Limited or are licensed by Indigo Brokers Limited or Global Tea Auction Group and are protected by laws and treaties in force on copyright worldwide. You are permitted to use this material/content within the limits expressly authorized by Global Tea Auction or our licensors.

11.2. You may use, download and print the content of the website solely for your own use and not for commercial use. Except for personal use or internal business, you may not, without the prior written permission of Global Tea Auction:

  • copy, reproduce, use or perform any other operation with any website content;
  • modify, distribute or republish any content of this website for any purpose;
  • reproduce, scroll, define, establish a link, deep link on this Website or from any other website;
  • use the content of this website for any commercial exploitation of any kind.


11.3. Except for the provisions of articles11.1et 11.2 above, you refrain from copying, reproducing, transmitting, publishing, displaying, distributing, sublicensing, altering, or creating variations of this support or content.

11.4. The commercial brands “Indigo Brokers Limited” and all trademarks, whether figurative or non-figurative, and all other trademarks, trade names, service marks, all brand names, company names, illustrations, images, logos found on our products, our website, our accessories, our packaging, whether registered or unregistered trademarks (the “Trademarks”) are and remain the exclusive property of Global Tea Auction and/or its affiliates and/or licensors and are proprietary marks protected by laws and treaties on copyright in the world, and can not be reproduced or used in any other way without express permission.

Users of property rights and content

11.5. In the event that you acquire any copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Website (either by law or otherwise), you agree to grant those rights a Global Tea Auction (any rights you may have over the User, including co-generated content that you submit through the Website) ) Worldwide, in perfect terms, to the extent that the law allows. You agree to relinquish unconditionally and unconditionally any moral rights you acquire on the Website, if and as permitted by the laws of your country.

11.6. You agree to sign all documents and to take all necessary steps, including that we may request, within reasonable limits, to sublicense such rights at the Global Tea Auction and to waive any moral rights you have acquired on the Website, if any, in your country.

11.7. Any support you download from this website will be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary and Global Tea Auctions reserves the right to use, copy, distribute and publish to third parties and to support any object in the world and as appropriate Period of protection of intellectual property rights attached to the media. You also have the right to disclose your identity to any third party that violates their intellectual property rights or privacy rights by publishing or downloading any material on the Global Tea Auction website.

11.8. The Global Tea Auction will not be liable to you or any third party for the content or accuracy of any material that you or any other user has posted on this website. In addition, you hereby acknowledge your responsibility to the Global Tea Auction and agree to indemnify you at any time for any costs, damages, costs, damages, and liability incurred by the English Tea Company and/or damage to your content. , Any material you publish and/or the Website you have created and which constitutes a violation of these Terms.

11.9. Global Tea Auction reserves the right to remove any material or postings you make on the Website at its sole discretion.

12. Promotional Code

12.1. In certain situations, you can get discounts on certain products by auctioning Global Tea online with a promotional code. The promotional code will be displayed on the home page or sent via e-mail or press. If you use a promotional code, please see the Terms and Conditions.


  1. Responsibility

13.1. Nothing contained in these Terms shall exclude or limit liability under injury or death due to negligence or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation of the Global Tea Auction. In addition, these Terms may limit or exclude any other liability which may not be excluded or restricted under applicable law.

13.2. You have certain rights as a consumer, including legal rights related to defective products or products that are not properly described. For more information on the statutory rights applicable in your country, please contact your local authority in charge of the commercial standards body or the advice of similar consumers. Nothing contained in these Terms will affect those statutory rights and, in particular, Global Tea Auction agrees to fulfill its obligations under these Terms by providing a level of care and appropriate competence.

13.3. Please contact Global Tea Auction for repairs or replacements of all products or partial products supplied by a broker through Global Tea Auction if the product or part of the product is of satisfactory quality and if the product is not of satisfactory quality, or you can claim a refund when this is not possible. Can.

13.4. Global Tea Auction is not liable for damages which is a natural consequence of failure to be assumed by us in these Terms. We will not be liable to you if you (or anyone working for you) does or fails to do so due to an event outside of our reasonable control.

13.5. You must follow all the advice we give you to keep the products you received (including the instructions or manuals supplied with the product) in good condition. We cannot accept liability for damages to the products we have supplied and for your failure to follow these tips.

13.6. In any case, to the extent permitted by law in your country, the Global Tea Auction shall not be directly or indirectly liable under these conditions:

13.6.1. Any loss in any of your activities, including (but not limited to) loss of data, loss of profit, loss of revenue, or business interruption;

13.6.2. Loss of goodwill or injury to reputation, or

13.6.3. The special or indirect damages arising directly or indirectly from these Terms have been incurred by you, or

13.6.4. All other consequential losses, as a result or otherwise

13.7. Global Tea Auction will not be liable for violations of applicable laws in the country in which you reside, the country in which you place the order, or the country in which you are requesting delivery. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country from which you order the products and where the products will be delivered. It is your responsibility to determine if there are restrictions on the products you can buy on the website.

13.8. Global Tea Auction liability under these Terms may not exceed 100% of the value of the product (s) you ordered at the Global Tea Auction and the cost of delivery of this or that product (s) to your home.


13.9. Global Tea Auction disclaims all representations, warranties, conditions (whether express or implied by law, under the case law or otherwise) to the extent permitted by law. Global Tea Auction agrees on no responsibility for any loss or damage which may be provided in a reasonable manner, and arising directly or indirectly from this Agreement or your use of the Website,

13.10. Except to the extent required by applicable law, Global Tea Auction can not be held liable to anyone for any loss or damage arising from the use of any content or information published on the Website or reliance on such content or this information.

13.11. Global Tea Auction can not be held responsible for fees charged by the card issuer or your bank after processing your payment by credit card/debit Rebnal Global Limited in accordance with your order.


13.12. These exclusions are subject to the laws of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and wales. In the event that any of these limitations or exclusions of liability would be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed independent of the other terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

  1. Transfer

14.1. You may not assign or sub-contract or otherwise transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms without the written permission of the Global Tea Auction.

14.2. Global Tea Auction Group Global Tea Auction or any company in the group may assign, transfer, inject, acquire or subcontract any of its rights and obligations under these Terms, subject to its own discretion, provided that your rights are not affected by these Terms. .

  1. Third-party rights

Only you and Global Auctions are entitled to apply these terms. No third party may apply these terms without our means.

  1. Forgiveness

Any relaxation or delay by the parties in exercising any right or remedy under these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of such right or remedy or affect their ability to exercise that right or remedy thereafter. Any waiver must be a written agreement between you and the team.

  1. Separation

If any of these provisions are struck down as invalid, ineffective or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

  1. Jurisdiction and applicable law

Under these Terms, all transactions and matters arising out of your use of the Website (including any agreement between you and the Global Tea Auction by the Website) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and so on. Wales

  1. Complete agreement

19.1 These Terms and any documents expressly contained therein constitute the Global Tea Auction and the entire Agreement between you and the Terms, the Terms, the Terms, the Warranty, and / or the previous Global Tea Auction and the submission of representations within yourself , Be it oral, written or other form.

19.2 When accepting these Terms (and the documents contained therein), conduct the Global Tea Auction yourself and ensure that neither party relies on any representation, warranty or guarantee from any person (whether part of this Agreement or not) except explicitly included. Terms

19.3 The English Company agrees and you agree that the parties to the rights and remedies which the parties may rely on, may directly or indirectly be used for the use, distribution and / or breach of the Website, are provided in these Terms.

  1. Change these terms

20.1 Global Auctions reserves the right to change, amend, add or remove any part of these Terms at any time without prior notice to you. Any changes to the Terms will be posted on the website through the Global Tea Auction. The date shown in the title of these Terms will be revised and will indicate the last date for the revision of these Terms.

20.2 Global Tea Auction recommends that you read these Terms regularly so that you are aware of the terms that apply to your use of the Website and the delivery of your products.

20.3 Your continued access to and use of your uninterrupted website after any change or update constitutes your consent to the new terms. It is your responsibility to check the website regularly and determine if any of these terms have been changed.

4.20 Please note that these terms do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. For more information about your legal rights, please contact your local authority in charge of commercial standa21. Contact Us

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments about any product, delivery, the Website, or these Terms, please contact us at the following address:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01713426386 ( whatsapp)

For any questions please contact Customer Service at the following address:

2 Frederick Street, Post Code: WC1X 0ND, Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom.rd bodies or similar consumer advice.