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Which brokers will be able to price their tea from us for auction at the international or domestic level in 2 types of policies.

Single Price Auction

Especially this method will be very convenient to auction tea. The buyer will create a file to offer this method-based tea leaf auction. Anyone can download the bidder file and see the full details of the product. The buyer will then set a single valuation price and issue a bidding agreement.

Single price auction

Especially this method will be very convenient in tea auction. The buyer will create a file to offer this method based tea leaf auction. Anyone can view the full product description by downloading the bidder file. The buyer will then set a single price and issue a bidding agreement.
They will pay the full lot and all the price of the tea to the brokers at the next time the buyer has finished bidding. For example: 1 kg tea buyer has bid with $1 dollar. Single price and full prize are given in the table below. When a buyer calculates price $1x750Kg = $750+ Vat Tax, he will pay. [Tea from all countries of the world is bid at a single price, at a later time brokers pay the buyer all the prices including their full details]

Which is explained in the video and in the table.

Country Of TeaXYZ Country
Gardens NameXYX Gardens
Warehouse NameXYZ Warehouse
Bag Waight Capacity50kg X 15Bag= 750Kg
Total Bag15 Bag
Tea Type Bage WiseBOP= 03 , OP= 04 ,PD= 05 BP= 03
Average Par Kg Price$3.05
Total Average Price$2287.5
Liquer Parsentence 3.25%
Tea Teaster NameXYZ Tea Teaster
Delivery Time10 Day To 15 Day
Payment MathusTT, Cash, Check, COD
Invoice No#1234 To #4321
ETCXYZ, Etc, Comment
This is products description tabile

Tea brokers will also provide a full description of the tea lot. So that the tea buyer can easily understand everything. And can make bids.

Auction at full price:

If you wish, you can conduct the auction at full price. Although no one ever conducts an auction at full price. Because it takes a lot of mathematical calculations to bid. For example, if you have 800 kg of tea, then the average $ 2 kg will cost 1600 kg of tea. Now if a buyer says $ 1601 then another buyer can bid $ 1602. It’s a lot of trouble.

Auction Privacy Policy Diagram

Auction Timing and Currency:

It will always be London’s time for the auction. And buyers and sellers need to calculate in US (dollar) currency at the time of auction.

Non-auction policy:

For country:

Many countries only process tea leaves from their gardens and then process them for sale in the international market. They don’t need to be auctioned off from the tea board. We have closed the auction option for them. But their tea will be sold at the market and as a non-auction for buyers. They will be able to sell tea leaves directly. But they cannot pay a single price for the auction. They have to pay a fixed price along with a full description of their tea. Of course, they will set the price with that price mentioning VAT, TAX, and shipping charges.

Blending and New Tea Policy:

There are many countries or companies that bring out new tea to the market, or they blend something new. In addition, some are very small numbers such as 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, etc. They sell tea, they are not brokers, they only sell tea leaves internationally. There is no need for them to have a live auction of tea leaves. They will be able to sell their sold tea directly by listing. However, they will be obliged to pay with all the descriptions of the tea.

Non-Auction Delivery Policy:

He will be able to buy tea from ​​all the companies from any country. Of course, they have to be connected with the buyer and the seller to do the tea shipping. If you can never pay the shipping, then all the concerned should be informed within 2 working days. Besides, you will not be able to make money from our payment gateway after shipping. After the buyer’s tea is shipped, the seller will receive his payment when the buyer receives their tea.

Besides, if tea is exported from us without any payment, then the buyer will take responsibility. We are only marketers, we never sell tea. In addition, if a country, race, or caste provides a report against a boy, we can cancel his membership without giving any reason.

Payment policy:
If any buyer sells their tea, they will get complete information in their dashboard. According to him, buyers will be obliged to send tea to their country. If the buyer pays through us, we will deduct 4.5%. And if the buyer makes direct payment or TT to the seller, then he will take full responsibility for the buyer and seller. We will not be able to pay any price to the buyers till the goods arrive. We will be obliged to pay the seller after receiving his product.

Return and Refund Policy:

Returns can be made for non-auctions, proof of return must be given. All costs of product return will be borne by the seller. And within 45 working days after return, they will get their product refund. Returning time should be 2-3 days after receiving the product. Global T Auction will not be able to take any responsibility for the return then.

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