Our mission

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. There are thousands of types of businesses centered around tea. In addition to the domestic market, the demand for tea from one country to another in the world is equal. We have created a platform that will create synergies between all the tea-producing countries in the world. If all the countries and all the committees related to tea work together, this industry will be made a more advanced and digital platform.
Our approach

We will work in the marketplace respecting the different tea laws of different countries. Just as new marketers and buyers are constantly being created here, so is the quality of tea in the world.

Tea Auction
What do we do for auction?
Now delivering tea to the world through auction is a big challenge. But we have come up with a solution. An online e-auction (Global Tea Auction) has been created to bring out that challenging time through your (respective countries) brokerages and associations. Through which the tea producing countries of the world can easily sit in their own country and publish the price on the website with the data for online tea auction. And registered tea buyers from all over the world will be able to buy tea by bit.
You are for us
We can be more reliant on you because __ if you are all right we can reach our vision very quickly.
Legal missions
Online tea auctions in global only Jaa producers need to be a member of the registered tea committee. In addition, tea auctioneers must be registered.
We will form a committee in each country through the tea board of that country. Under that committee, selected brokers of that country will be able to list their offers here.
If any country objects, we will conduct this activity in a country other than the country we give it to.
Tea traders of all countries will be able to bid for online tea auctions. Therefore, they must be registered in that country and have the ability and registration to import and export tea. (However, some countries including the Middle East, Europe) will not be covered. But they have to have a tax ID.
More updates will be given over time

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Member Benefits


We have three categories of member registration viz. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Member benefits, broadly, are as outlined below. However, some specific benefits shall vary for different categories only:

  • “Dedicated relationship manager to take care of all your requirements. Regular Email / SMS alerts about E-Auctions”
  • Training and education for comfortable and confident bidding to bid online
  • Update on special events
  • Our team will be there to support you during pre-auction and post-auction
  • Guide you about the pitfalls of E-Auctions
  • You can participate in any number of E-Auctions
  • You will be given the monthly report on trends in scrap prices and market forecast

Global Tea Auction Chairman Chairman

Md. Shaidur Rahman ( Chairman Global Tea Auction )

The tea industry is a traditional and conservative industry that has not seen much technological advancement in recent years. However, with the rapid development of technology, it is time for the industry to take a step forward and utilize these technologies to improve efficiency and increase value.
It is dedicated to developing and implementing AI and other cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the tea industry. The Global Tea Auctions team understands the industry’s challenges and is committed to finding solutions that will make the industry more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Global Tea Auction One of the major challenges facing the tea industry is the lack of technical support in the production and marketing process. This results in a high degree of subjectivity and lack of consistency in the quality of the final product. Through the use of the Global Tea Auction, the Global Tea Auction aims to streamline the tea marketing process and improve the consistency of the final product. This will not only save cost but also increase the value of the final product. Apart from this, the Global Tea Auction also aims to leverage AI and other technologies to improve the production, marketing and distribution of black tea. By using AI-powered tools and technologies, Pekoe can help better target and reach consumers, thus increasing the overall value of the industry.

In conclusion, the global tea auction industry has great potential for growth and development, but it needs to adopt new technologies to achieve this. Pekoe is leading this effort, with a strong focus on global tea auctions and other cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the industry and make it more efficient, productive, and valuable to all stakeholders.

Best Regards

Shaidur Rahman

Chairman- Global Tea Auction

E-mail: [email protected]