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The world of tea is one that you won’t find much of in a typical marketer’s guide. Vietnam is known for its unique brews and unique blends of teas. You might think this would leave the marketer with nothing to show but empty shelves, right? Wrong. Vietnam is also home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. You have a clear view of the horizon as you sip your cup of tea. The weather is perfect, the temperature is just right, and the scenery is just stunning. There’s just something about being outside for some downtime with your favorite cup of black tea. This is a country that loves to have fun, and it shows in everything from the way they drink their teas to the products they make. If you want to be the first to market your own unique blend of black tea, this is the opportunity to discover it and start making your own at home. Keep reading to discover the top reasons why you should start your own.

People from all over the world are visiting Vietnam to drink black tea

Black tea is a very popular drink in Vietnam, but there are other more traditional blends as well. The popularity of black tea is reflected in the type of tea that can be found in Vietnam. The country has a wide range of specialty blends that range from the robust black Sumatra to the subtle roasted red Bai. You’ll likely find black tea in any Vietnamese grocery or liquor store.

There’s something special about black tea

There are a variety of things about black tea, but perhaps its most famous attribute is how it makes people feel. Black tea is known to bring good luck, calmness, and happiness. Although many people think of black tea as a health drink, black tea can also be used as aija. Aija is a type of off-peak medicine that is only recommended for extremely sensitive clients. Most tea shops will have a small aija section where you can purchase off-patent off-site.

People are coming together to drink one of the world’s most unique drinks

You might not have realized it before, but now that you are a part of the market, you will start to notice increased attention to your product. You will also start to receive phone calls from people around the world who are interested in making an order for you to make. This is great because now you can start selling your products and make sure everyone knows about them. You will not only be receiving phone calls but also letters and emails from people all over the world who are looking to buy your products. This is great for your business because now you can start selling your products abroad.

The weather is perfect

The perfect time to start your own tea shop is in the winter months. It’s the time when most people get into the craft of making and drinking teas. It’s also the time when most tourists visit this country. If you want to start your own shop in the cold months, you’ll need to be located in a location that is at least 20% frosted glass. Not only is the temperature lower but most of the city lights are out. This will make it very difficult for your customers to find you. If you are located in a freezing area, you will lose some of your sales, but if you stay put, you will see a rise in sales.

The beauty of a mountain view

If you have ever been to the mountains in Vietnam, you have surely seen the beauty of the land. The forests are wide open, and the scenery is beyond compare. If you are seeking a market that is both remote and beautiful, then Vietnam is for you. If you are looking for a market that is both mild and captivating, then Vietnam is the perfect partner for you. It is both warm and cold here at the same time, and it is both moist and dry. This is perfect for creating your perfect tea environment.

Start a business and start making your own

If you have ever considered starting a business in Vietnam, you are in for an amazing time. It is very easy to get a job in Vietnam, and the country has a very open market. It is very easy to get hired for services like cleaning homes or working as a nanny or housekeeper. The cost of living is very low here, and it is very affordable for small businesses to open their doors.


The world of tea is filled with wonderful options, and if you want to try yours out, it is important to find a niche. There are many different types of black tea, as well as other naturally grown and processed teas. If you want to try making one of these kinds of tea, you need to find a niche and find one that is both unique and familiar to the marketer. If you find this guide helpful, you will find it much easier to start your own business.

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