Bangladesh Tea Garden Exports With Quality
Bangladesh Tea Garden Exports With Quality

Many countries of the world export tea from Bangladesh. And Bangladesh has many exporters. Today, through this article, you will get a complete and partial description of the Bangladesh tea industry including tea export from Bangladesh. If you want to export tea from Bangladesh then this article will give you a lot of information.

Tea market of Bangladesh

The tea market of Bangladesh is very large, the tea market of Bangladesh is going ahead in the day of the average ratio. Different worldwide countries have been exporting tea through the tea exporters of the country by meeting the market demand of the country. Although once (from sixty decades to ninety-five decades) the tea of Bangladesh was exported, the next time it went to the export of tea from the country India, Sri Lanka, Africa. Through which the export of tea tea tea gets reduced. We have given information about tea exports to below.

Tea Average Info - Photo Global Tea Auction
Tea Average Info – Photo Global Tea Auction

The reason for reducing tea export of Bangladesh:

The reasons for reducing the tea export of Bangladesh’s tea exports and discussions with some teams and Bangladesh’s tea auction. Our Global Tea Auction has highlighted some of his problems:

Tea Marketing Skills Low: The main reason for not being exported to Bangladesh is low marketing skills. When they were offering their tea in the world, the Tea Marketing Team, Bangladesh Tea Brokers, Tea Brokers, Tea Exporters All types of traders were low in digital marketing skills. So the tea market of Bangladesh is a little bit reduced compared to other countries.

Tea Production and Marketing: Bangladesh’s tea production and targets are not according to the right rules and are sold in most tea countries of the country. Besides, the Bangladesh Tea Association has reduced the export of tea in the international market due to failure to investigate international level tea dues.

Customer Quality of Bangladesh: Many people think that the quality of the tea of Bangladesh is bad, it is not really a reasonable thing. The quality of the tea of Bangladesh has become worse when the other countries spread the confusion in the name of Tea in Bangladesh to catch the international market of the tea. The culture of that tea business is still going on.

Rebnal Global Limited

Bangladesh Tea Export Agency: Rebnal Global Limited through which you can easily and accurately purchase your tea in any country. Details about them are given in the following paragraph. E-mail: [email protected]

Current Bangladesh Tea Board and Tea Market

At present, of course, Bangladesh is going a long way for tea, in 2021, Bangladesh has produced a record amount of tea. The Chairman of Bangladesh Tea Board said ___ Our country has now produced a record amount of tea and to maintain the quality of tea (BTRI) Bangladesh Tea Research Institute and Bangladesh Tea Board are providing ‘Tea Testing and Quality Control’ training. Besides, it is providing all kinds of facilities for marketing Bangladeshi tea at the international level.

An online tea auction system called Online Tea Auction BD has been created for all the bidders in the tea market so that the tea market and tea bidders in Bangladesh can easily get their auctioned tea in the right hands.

The “Camellia Open Sky School” has been created for the tea growers of Bangladesh through which the tea growers of Bangladesh can know all the aspects of tea including the care of the tea plant properly. At the same time, tea farmers, tea workers, and tea garden owners are being monitored to ensure that they get their fair share.

Major General Ashraful Islam

Major General Ashraful Islam

Major General Ashraful Islam – NDC, PSC. Since he became the chairman of the Tea Board, Bangladesh’s tea has gone ahead in many aspects including tea production, tea quality, digitalization of the tea business in Bangladesh. He said he would maintain this continuity.

What is the quality of tea in Bangladesh?

It is true that the quality of tea in Bangladesh is very good. Because ….. Bangladesh tea has a distinct taste due to the soil, the climate of Bangladesh is very tolerant for tea, and due to the influence of climate Bangladesh tea has an incomparable smell, which is very different from the tea of other countries. Besides, the tea liqueur of Bangladesh is very beautiful.

How many types of tea are produced in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh produces tea, including Block CTC Tea, Black Orthodox Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Rose Tea, including various types of flavored tea. Bangladesh also has built-in organic tea.

Export Statistics Of Last 21 Year

Why buy Tea from Bangladesh?

You can not be deceived after purchasing the tea from Bangladesh, it will be guaranteed. Because you will get all kinds of tea in Bangladesh. Which is much better than the other country. By exporting tea, you can blend English tea and you can blend with Irish block tea.

Why is Bangladesh tea suitable for blending?

If you are a tea packer then you have a good medium to buy all kinds of tea in Bangladesh. Through which your company can bring new tea tests to the new taste and if you want to reduce the price, then they can arrange. Meanwhile, many buyers import tea to Tea, they are doing their tea business and tea branding very well.

What are the tea zones of Bangladesh?

Currently, the tea region of Bangladesh is known as Surma Valley, Halda Valley, Karatoya  Valley. Halda and Surma Valley produce tea in hills and the Karatoya Valley produces tea on flat land, which is now the second-largest tea producing region of Bangladesh.

How to import tea in Bangladesh?

You need to verify your country’s tea market to import tea from any country. Then create a drama and give it to Rebnal global Limited. They work as a Tea Importer Agency of Bangladesh. There are also many more Bangladesh Tea Importers. According to your report, test the tea values from the Auction and tell your Akash Valuation. If you want to purchase, then tell them you will buy a lot of tea, they will send you your preferred tea and send them to your country.
Rebnal Global Limited is a registered company in the UK. They also have many skilled tea tests. You can make payment through any of them easily from any bank of the world and from Wise to Free 56 countries.

Since their marketing policies, tea chest skills are easy to find a lot and the payment system is easy to find them. You can import tea at the right time at the right price and at the right price.

Top 10 Quality Tea Garden of Bangladesh?

The top 10 tea gardens have been named in Bangladesh for international markets. Those who were very good in the tea value in 2021. Here, according to the first Auction report of 2021, according to the serial.

03 Clivedon Tea State
04 Dildarpur Tea State
05 Kharnafuli Tea State
06 Gazipore Tea State
07 Daragaon Tea State
08 Rajghat Tea State
09 Baraoora Tea State
10 Brindaban Tea State

Most tea gardens in 167 gardens are owned by James Finley Tea CO, Duncan Brothers Tea Limited, and National Tea Limited.

Bangladesh tea industry

The tea industry in Bangladesh started in 1840, on the slopes of Chittagong in the Halda Valley region. Now, where is the Chittagong Club located. The first commercial tea garden was later established with the Malinichhara tea garden in the Surma Valley area of Sylhet, which was inaugurated in 1857. Gradually 103 gardens were established in Bangladesh till 1947. Bangladesh was not independent then, then Bangladesh was called East Pakistan. At that time tea production in Bangladesh was 26,734 hectares of land. The annual tea production was 18.36 million kg or 639 kg per hectare.

After 1970, the tea garden area was 42,658 hectares, whose annual production was 31.48 million kg. After the war of 1971, there was a lot of influence on the tea industry of Bangladesh. But many obstacles continue to proceed to the tea industry. In the development of the tea industry, the contribution of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu was much higher. He was the first chairman of the Bangladesh Tea Board in 1957-1958. Later, the northern division of Bangladesh developed the first tea in the flat land in 2000 in the Panchagarh district of Rangpur. The name of the tea region has been named Karatoya Vali, now the Karatoya Valley is 2nd in terms of tea production. Besides, the tea gardens of Bangladesh are constantly developing.

Then in 2012 a record amount of tea was produced in Bangladesh. Which is 6.385 kg. The next record was broken in 2016. Whose production volume was 8.5 kg. In this series, the tea industry is moving forward, in 2019, the production of tea in Bangladesh is 96 million 69 thousand kilograms. After that in 2020, the production of Bangladesh is 8 crore 63 lakh 98 thousand kg. Later in 2021, a record amount of tea was produced in Bangladesh, which is much higher than the previous record. In 2021, Bangladesh’s tea production is 9 crore 6 lakh 6 thousand kg. Which was 41% more than in the past.

The description of tea export of Bangladesh

Bangladesh was 9th in the world as Tea Exporter Country. At one time Bangladesh’s tea international market – Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Poland, Russia, Iran, United Kingdom, United States, Kuwait, Belgium, France, Sudan, Oman, Switzerland, France, including Saudi Arabia are being exported to different countries. At the international level, 52% of demand is through the tea exporters of Bangladesh. In the year 2019, Bangladesh Tea Exports $ 3.34m at the world’s 58th largest exporter country. Apart from this, Bangladesh tea exported $ 3.02m in 2020. Which had reduced 5.7%.

Today’s Global Tea An Occupation of Bangladesh will be accepting the report of all the subjects including extra ports of Bangladesh, we will be accepting this. We will publish such reports if we get your encouragement. So you will encourage us to share or comment on ourselves. You can also write more information or if you have questions, we can write it in the comments, we will help you with the information.

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