The first tea auction of 2022-23 will be held on April 25, 2022, at Chattogram Tea Auction Center. The first auction of the current season will be held on April 26 in Srimangal.
Yesterday 08/04/2022 on Wednesday morning in Chattogram Tea Board Chairman Major General. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Tea Sales Coordinating Committee chaired by Ashraful Islam NDC, PSC.
In the 2022-23 auction year, 45 tea auctions will be held in Chattogram and 23 in Srimangal.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Tea Board said that despite the cowardly situation in the initiatives and plans of the Tea Board, tea production and auction activities were normal in the country during the last auction year.
Thus there was a balance between the demand and supply process of tea in the market. At this time, along with the increase in production, the sale and price of tea at auction also increased.
He hoped that the tea market would remain stable in 2022-23.

new auction centers coming up in Panchagarh

Panchagarh Tea Auction Center will be added this season. A number of tea brokerage companies have already applied to the Tea Board for the Panchagarh Tea Auction.

Noted Old News
New auction centers coming up in Panchagarh

However, there was no discussion in the news about the tea auction in Panchagarh. If Panchagarh Tea Auction Center is opened, the tea industry of Bangladesh will be much better. Karatoya Vally in Panchagarh is currently the second largest tea-producing region in Bangladesh.

Indigo Brokers Limited, which has applied for a broker license from the Bangladesh Tea Board, will be added as the new tea broker.
They will do something new for the tea market, they will online tea auctions and they will introduce different auction systems for local tea buyers and international tea buyers. On the one hand, will benefit the tea entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, on the other hand, the international tea buyers will benefit. Besides, Bangladeshi tea will take all measures to easily auction tea in any country of the world through them. This was stated by Selina Mahbuba Akhter Jahan, Chairman, Indigo Brokers

Speakers at the meeting discussed various issues including infrastructural development of Chittagong and Srimangal Tea Auction Centers, quality improvement of warehouses, increasing mobility of Srimangal Auction Centers, and expansion of internal and export market for tea.

Bangladesh Tea Board member (Finance and Commerce) among others at the meeting. Nazneen Kauser Chowdhury, Deputy Director (Commerce) Muhammad Madhu Kabir Chowdhury, Marketing Officer Ahsan Habib, Assistant Director (Commerce) Mohammad Abdullah Al Borhan, Chairman of Bangladesh Tea Business Association Omar Hannan were present.

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