India’s multiple tea orders in the international market have been canceled due to the excessive use of pesticides and chemicals. Several countries have repatriated imported tea to India. Anshuman Kaneria, chairman of the Indian Tea Exporters Association (ITEA), confirmed the matter on Friday. News Economic Times.


In 2021, India exported 195.90 million kg tea. The major buyers were Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nations and Iran. The board is aiming to achieve 300 million kg tea this year.- Economic Times

The ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka has created a huge vacuum in the world tea market. India wanted to take the opportunity. The country’s tea board also took steps to increase tea exports. But in the beginning, it was about to be ruined. Anshuman California, chairman of ITEA, says naturally most buyers do not want to buy tea that contains high levels of chemicals. He added that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) rules must be followed. Most countries follow EU standards, which are stronger than India’s internal rules. Instead of complying with the law, many local tea companies have asked the government to make the Food Safety Authority’s guidelines more flexible, which would send the wrong message to importing countries. According to statistics, in 2021, India exported 19.59 crore kg of tea.

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The income was five thousand 246 crore rupees. Iran and the Commonwealth are the main buyers of Indian tea. The target for the tea exports this year was 300 million kg. But verification of the criteria has shown that there are more pesticides and chemicals than this time. Naturally, the importing country has canceled the order. Many have also returned to imported tea. However, it was not possible to say which countries have returned the tea.

News: Economic Times

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