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Tea tasting is an important job that maintains the quality of tea, a tea taster is always a key part of a company. Basically, all the success of a tea company depends on a tea taster. So when a tea taster does a tea tasting for a tea auction or a tea factory, he checks all aspects of the tea and determines its quality and value. Here are some samples of tea tasting on black tea. Which will emphasize your tea tasting.

Different tea tasters have different formulas, and tea blending by tea taster is very unique and complex. We have tried two different methods that are convenient for your CTC Black Tea tasting.

In the packing unit to regularly monitor drier mouth quality and grade teas a marking system in the following manner called product quality rating system (PQRS) and tea grade tasting index has to be adopted for use.

Method 1

Tea appearance

Appearance for black tea is a type of tea produced by CTC. The appearance of black tea refers to the getup, dryness, Moisturizer, finishing, flavor, and tea sheds. This appearance depends on the quality of the tea. A tea taster first looks at the appearance of the tea in the tea sample. The grade of tea depends on the appearance of the tea below. Also if you are a tea taster then you will give the appearance mark of the tea in the same way.

Rating Points  INDEXDescription
5A+Excellent, Blackish, Good Bloom, Well Curled Grainy clean, and even.
4AGood, Blackish brown, fairly grainy, fairly, clean, and even.
3BAcceptable, Black-brown, with some fiber.
2CInferior below standard, brownish open, slightly mixed.
1DPoor, Brown, Open, fibrous, and uneven.

Tea Liquor

Tea liqueur has a different emphasis on black tea. So tasting the tea liquor is very important. The image of tea quality emerges from the tea liquor. It is very serious for a tea buyer or a tea seller. Liquor quality is determined by golden brightness, brightness, and general brightness. So there is no pair to test the liquor in the tea, you take the liquor in your mouth from the tea testing cup slowly and loudly. Below are the ratings for tea liqueurs.

Rating Points  INDEXDescription
5                               5Commendably goo, Sweet.
44Very good, colory, strong, bright, brisk, and useful.
33Good, color, and bright, fairly useful.
22Fair coloury and strength.
11Bare minimum/Plain.
00Are Faulty/Dull

Tea Infusion

Infusion is very important for black tea. A tea taster always checks the infusion to check the quality of the tea. After the tea is placed in hot water, everything after the tea grains swells. All information including strong, mild, and dilute tea depends on it. To check the tea infusion, take a sniff from the tea-tasting cup, break the tea granules and follow the instructions given below for rating the tea infusion.

Rating Points  INDEXDescription
4aaCopper-colored infused leaf, are bright when growing conditions are very favorable.
3aBrightly, colored, Liquors, will usually be bright.
2bGreen, infufficient fermentation.
1cDull, due to poor leaf, too much recycling (RC), and faults in manufacture.

Method 2

The taster evaluates the dry leaf, the infused leaf, and the liquor.

Dry Leaf Characteristics

Dry leaf characteristics are very useful features for determining the general tea quality. This

Assessment is carried out, by observing the tea spread on a piece of white paper. During,

For assessment, the following points are taken into consideration:

  • The uniformity of the grade- the size and form of the leaf
  • Colour of the leaf,
  • Make and style the leaf,
  • Nose
  • Feel
Leaf RatingCommentsDescription
AExcellentAttractive grades being black, well made, grainy, good size, even and clean with bloom.
BGoodBlackish brown, quite well made, good size, even and quite clean, possessing a fair bloom.
B-Fairly GoodBlackish brown, fair make, good size, quite even and fairly clean.
C+FairSlightly brownish, of a fair make, but quite even with only a little fibre.
CAverageRather brown, a little flaky, a little uneven with some fibre.
C-Below AverageQuite brown and flaky and uneven with a fair amount of fiber.
DPoorDull, Very poor make and appearance.

Characteristics of Infused Leaf

Colour together with appearance and nose requires careful attention during the examination of

the infused leaf. The infused leaf may show the following variations:

(1) Coppery Bright

(2) Bright

(3) Greenish

(4) Mixed dull

(5) Dark

Liquor Characteristics

During tasting following liquor characteristics are assessed for individual samples:

(1) Colour of the liquor (depth, brightness)

(2) Quality (good, coarse)

(3) Strength (strong, week)

(4) Briskness (pungent, soft)

(5) Flavour (fine, poor)

(6) Manufacturing faults

(7) Taints

(8) Creaming down (very creamy colour, creamy, not creaming down)

d. Milk Test

Normally tea is tasted without milk, but adding up a teaspoon of milk to the liquor can be

helpful in deciding the degree of brightness of the liquor. It is useful as a visual aid for the

blenders but it can camouflage the character of the tea from the actual tasting point of view.

Leaf RatingCommentsDescription
5Very bestExceptionally good tea having very useful colour, strength, body, fullness, brightness, and briskness, and also a lot of character. Commendable in all respect.
4+  Best  Very good colour, strength, and body with brightness, briskness, and fair character.
4  Best  Very good colour, good strength, and body with brightness and some briskness.
4-Best  Coloury, good strength, body, and brightness.
3+GoodColoury, good strength with some body and fair brightness.
3GoodGood colour and strength with a little body and some brightness.
3-GoodGood colour and strength with only a little brightness.
2+MediumFair colour and some strength.
2MediumSome colour with only a little strength.
2-Below AveragePlain, only a little colour, quite dull and plain.
1PoorFaulty. Unacceptable.

Tea testers always use their own grading formula to test the quality of CTC black tea.

We provide information here as per the reports of some professional tea tasters. We believe that following these tea test graphs will be beneficial to all involved in the tea industry in determining the quality of tea. It is hoped that the tea industry will move ahead with time to compete with the world market.

Besides, you know that a tea taster always uses different techniques to check the quality of tea. Here you will find many ideas, which will help to determine the quality of tea by tasting tea. And may the quality of tea be good with your skill and hard work.

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Major General Md. Ashraful Islam ( NDC, PSC )


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