Tea Brokers African Country Terms and Conditions Of Sale

Tea Brokers African Country Terms and Conditions Of Sale

Global tea auctions for online tea auctions will be able to use their own laws for the continent of Africa. All African tea brokers will be able to enforce our laws as well as their own.
African Tea Association Conditions and Policies:

1) Sales are subject to the rules and regulations of the Africa Tea Trade Association.

2) Printed tea warehouse warrants are maintained by the broker on behalf of the producer till the time of sale, then, warranty and delivery documents are kept in trust by the buyer till Rule 55 applies.

3) No tea in this catalog has been inspected unless otherwise stated.

4) Unless otherwise stated,
(a) All teas in grades are packed in polyply paper bags, palletized or slip sheets, shaken and stacked to give the dimensions required for containerization and finished to the minimum standard prescribed by EATTA under Rule 50.1e.
(b) All secondary grade tea is packed in polypropylene bags.

5) All tariffs applicable to tea in this catalog are for buyer’s account.

6) The information contained in this catalog is confidential and any tampering with this material is unauthorized and prohibited. Although this catalog is believed to be virus free, Africa Tea Brokers Ltd does not assume any liability for any loss or damage arising from its acquisition or use in any way.

7) The buyer must pay in US dollars to the tea sales collection account on or before the prompt date prescribed under Rule 44 (July 2010).


World Wide Tea Auction

Our (Global Tea Auction Africa Policy and Conditions:

1) Global Tea Auction from African Tea Board or African Tea Association.
2) Upload the original report of tea, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and at least 3 photos, so that the buyer can understand the quality of tea from his country.
3) Single price should be mentioned for tea auction offer, e.g.
A. The average price of tea is $ 1 per kg
B. No VAT tax can be added
C. You need to set the price in US dollars
3) The buyer will pay us 1 kg if he wins the tea bids.
4) Tea brokers and tea buyers will send a final file with their tea
5) Later the tea broker will inform the buyer about their tea summary, total price, VAT, tax, logistical price and delivery time.
6) Global Tea Auction is only for marketers, they can never take any price other than 1 kg of tea from any buyer, nor can they pay.
6) If any tea brokers sell 1 kg of tea, then Global Tea Auction will deduct 1 kg price from the tea buyer. Tea will be deducted from the buyer, the next time the brokers will add value to that 1 kg price to the buyer.
6) The concerned brokers will be held responsible if the buyer makes any complaint after receiving his product, and the Global Tea Auction will be able to bring the brokers under the law through the African Tea Board.
9) Global Auction will be able to change any information according to them.